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#1 Feeder insect for your reptiles!  No noise, no hassle, no mess, no smell, no biting!  Easy to handle and the highest nutritional value out of any feeder insect!   When it comes to your animal, these are hands down the best!
  • Quick-Ship 100ct XS/SM Dubia Stick QUICK VIEW Quick-Ship 100ct XS/SM Dubia Stick $ 14.99 $ 12.99 SALE

    Quick-Ship 100ct XS/SM Dubia Stick

    $ 12.99 $ 14.99

    Dubia Roach - Blaptica Dubia The best feeder for your insect consuming reptiles! Approximately 1/4" in size. Packed in self-sustaining pod with food source for added shelf life and feeding ease....
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