Shipping Terms

Here at Reptile Deli Inc, we put a large emphasis on quality of product and customer service! We have a few simple shipping policies in order to serve you with low cost shipping.

-Customer must receive product on first delivery attempt, and if there is an issue with delivery, it must be resolved with UPS or USPS directly. It is suggested you make arrangements to pick it up at your local hub or connect with the driver, if there were an issue, given the perishable nature of our product.

-We guarantee live arrival on all insects if temperature are above 34F and below 90F. All insects are packaged with heat during the winter, but will not tolerate sub-freezing temperatures in long periods of exposure to the elements. You must receive your package on first delivery attempt or guarantee is null and void.

-We guarantee frozen arrival of all frozen feeder products. Packages must be received on first delivery attempt, and temperatures must be below 90F, or the guarantee is null and void. It is recommended that if you miss your package delivery or if there is an exception due to complications with location of delivery, to immediately call the shipping service provider and arrange for alternate means of obtaining the package.

-Please make sure you double check that your shipping address is correct upon checking out.

-Thank you for your business and understanding of our terms!

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